ROCS with EZ FLOK waste treatment program - the quickest most cost efficient system for your small to medium sized waste stream (1-25 gpm or larger). EZ FLOK is a blend of enhancement polymers and clay that encapsulates most contaminants found in waste water including Emulsified Oils, Heavy Metals, TSS, Inks, Dyes, Paint, and many other contaminants. And once cleaned, EZ FLOK sludge typically passes the federal TCLP test, eliminating hazardous landfill and transportation charges.

What sets EZ FLOK apart is the ease and speed of analysis and implementation. Since this is a one step application, the solution for a waste stream can be determined with a simple test done at your location. We can show you how it will work on your waste stream BEFORE you purchase.

EZ FLOK is the ideal system for small to medium sized waste streams. It is very simple to adjust when and if dramatic changes occur in your waste stream. Simply turn 1 dial up or down.

Various add-ons are available to handle specific requirements, including recycle/reuse, automated sludge dewatering, pH adjust, spot free rinse, odor control, and others.

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