Time to reorder flok for your ROCS water system? Choose the right one based on your waste stream. EZ-Flok is a blend of enhancement polymers and clay that encapsulates most contaminants found in waste water including Emulsified Oils, Heavy Metals, TSS, Inks, Dyes, Paint, and many other contaminants.Flok is delivered in 300# kegs.

EZ-Flok GR – Our most popular blend. This is the top performer for most waste streams.

EZ-Flok 1212 – Have higher pH water? Use this formulation designed for higher pH waste streams.

OB910 – Is your water loaded with soaps, detergents and surfactants? OB910 quickly strips these contaminants out of your water leaving it clear and ready for re-use.

EZ-Flok 1552 – Have a lower pH waste stream? This formulation is specifically designed for low pH waste streams.

Not sure which is the right EZ-Flok for your system? Call
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